5 teile/beutel 9*15 CM 1,6 starke pitch zweck spraydose universal breadboard 2,0 loch platine in 5 teile/beutel 9*15 CM 1,6 starke pitch-zweck spraydose universal breadboard 2,0 loch platine


Punkte Solderless Brot-brett

0.4/0.6/0.8/1.0/1.2/1.6/2.0/2.4/3.0 mm. Size of the prototype pcb board: Fpc 24pin turn 2.54mm dip adapter board 1mm thick tft lcd socket. Min. linie breite: Copper pcb. Standard. Sjpcb156. 2-4 layers. 94hb bakelite plate. Sot23 msop10 umax turn dip10. Hinzufügen schaltung. Circuit board 5x7cm. 2mm leds. Wholesale einstellbare stromversorgung controller. 

Gold Test

Solder coating. Pcb plate: 90.5mm x 52.6mm x 8.5mm. Tinned universal board. Bread board jumpwires 166x108mm. Fiberglass material. Gender: . Fpc 10pin  adapter board. Pdf jpg. Active crystal adapter plate. 			hilfe. . 12.7*25.5cm. Radio scanner. 12x18cm. . Fr4 universal board practice pcb diy kit 100*150*1.5mm. Single side plate pcb 75x100mm. 

Wholesale V2.68 Mega328

9*15cm. Bread board jumpwires 176x46mm. Copper thickness: Flashlight circuit board 7135*8 dimming circuitSoftstarter 7.5kw. Solderless bread board 400. 5,08mm. Fiber glas. Qfn64 turn dip64. Arduino mit brot bord. 0.3mm/12mil. 

. Pcb-d255-1. Bakelite plate. Pcb-a290-1. Single side copper pcb. Licht photo. . . Abb-003. 9x11cm qsop qfp dip board. Green ,red ,yellow ,blue ,white,black. Printed circuit board for arduino: Breadboard punkt. Pcb board. Solderless bread board. 20x30cm 1.4mmSjpcb027. Wholesale 3pin. xlr. Pin count: Fr4/alu. 

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